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Inhabited Infomation Spaces:
Living with your data

David N.Snowdon, Elizabeth F. Churchill & Emmanuel Frécon (eds)



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Image Gallery

This page shows colour versions of a few images taken from some chapters of the  book to give an indication of the contents. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version.

2. WWW3D and the Web Planetarium
Mårten Stenius, Dave Snowdon

A set of interconnected cluster abstractions. Their sizes roughly reflect the number of objects (here pages) contained within.

A screenshot of the web planetarium. Compared to the original WWW3D one of the obvious differences is the use of texture mapping to give more information about the contents of web pages instead of a simple colour indicating the time since last access.

3. PlaceWorld, and the Evolution of Electronic Landscapes
Steve Pettifer, Jon Cook, and James Marsh

A view of PlaceWorld

Virtual cityscape

A view of the virtual tourist information centre.

An image from an environment embedded in PlaceWorld: the Memory Theatre.

4. Using a pond metaphor for information visualisation and exploration
Olov Ståhl, Anders Wallberg

The Pond virtual environment

The Pond desk

To the right is an empty shoal, representing an on-going query using the keyword Nitin Sawhney. To the left is a shoal of creatures representing a finished query.

Two shoals representing the results of queries using the keywords Zeppelin and Queen

6. Soundscapes
Tony Brooks

The three headed infrared sensor system in use. The three sensor heads are visible at the centre of the image in between and a little below the performers hand and the image projected on the screen.

A photo of the  Four Senses performance showing some of the projected video generated during the performance.

8. Communicating in an IIS - Virtual Conferencing
Adrian Bullock

A typical room-based videoconference session

A virtual conference in DIVE circa 1995

9. Getting the Picture: Enhancing Avatar Representations in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Mike Fraser, Jon Hindmarsh, Steve Benford and Christian Heath

Users traditional avatar (circled) with field-of-view made visible as a semi-transparent frustum

10. New Ideas on Navigation and View Control Inspired by Cultural Applications
Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro, John Bowers

A chamber in Lightwork.

A rubbersheet representation of the full awareness space from Heaven and Hell Live - every pancake matches a participant. (This image is not present in the book).

11. Presenting activity information in an inhabited information space
Wolfgang Prinz, Uta Pankoke-Babatz, Wolfgang Gräther, Tom Gross, Sabine Kolvenbach, Leonie Schäfer

The Tower world as integral part of the web browser.

An abstract overview showing different project contexts.

Avatars positioned in circles

14. Peer-to-peer networks and communities
Mike Robinson

The ClearBoard prototype. Reproduced with permission from Hiroshi Ishii.

ClearBoard. Reproduced with permission from Hiroshi Ishii.

GestureCam. Reproduced with permission from Hideaki Kuzuoka.

GestureCam and a student. Reproduced with permission from Hideaki Kuzuoka.